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      One day this life will be over; all the material things we now treasure will be dissolved. Church buildings will have crumbled into dust. Most of life’s busyness will not be remembered. What will matter and what will remain is the fruit of our stewardship rendered for the Savior. The time to render that faithful stewardship is now. If there is anything in our lives more precious than Jesus; if we are reluctant in any manner to take our stand upon His Word and boldly speak His truth, may we, without delay and with tears of repentance, cry out to God for personal revival.

                                                   The Rev. David R. Barnhart , Director

                    Our  Mission
To promote revival and reformation throughout the Church.
     Since 1984, AWM has been on the front lines in the battle for truth, challenging and encouraging churches, pastors and laity to take their stand for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus, no matter what the cost. Through the witness of AWM, many established congregations have been led to withdraw from their liberal denomination and join church bodies that uphold all that God's Word teaches. AWM has also helped to organize numerous new congregations, and we have given assistance to countless laity to find and affiliate with Christ-centered, Bible-believing churches in their area.

Hear the True Word of God
Pastor Barnhart will be speaking at :

    No speaking engagements are scheduled at this time

Pray for Revival in our Churches
   Pray for Revival in our Nation
Remember to Pray for those who
   Lead and Defend our Nation

Our  Newsletter
The Vine and Branches Newsletter is published by
Abiding Word Ministries five to six times each year and
sent without cost to those who express interest.
Our latest issue is Spring 2014, Vol. 29, Issue 2
The feature article in this issue is:
"Hudson Taylor"
To read a full sample article: click here (taken from Spring 2013 newsletter)

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Abiding Word Ministries is a non-profit organization and relies on contributions to spread the true word of God.
All contributions to Abiding Word Ministries are tax deductible.
Abiding Word Ministries maintains intellectual rights to published articles, and written permission is required to use or reprint.
Abiding Word Ministries does not share subscriber information with any third party.

Read a Sermon from Pastor Barnhart

Here is a sermon which describes the problems facing the Church and the reason for AWM's existence:                 A New Reformation for the 21st Century
Our  Books
Pastor Barnhart has authored four books. His first book is out of print and only available through re-sellers. His latest book is now on sale and is also available as an "Ebook" sold through or BarnesnandNoble
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A short promotional video can be seen here

The AFLC is a fellowship of independent congregations, who have chosen to be interdependent for the purpose of accomplishing service in the Kingdom of God that cannot best be done alone

News and Views
Pastor Barnhart now has a "Blog" site where he will be commenting on current events relating to the Church, the Nation, and Bible prophecy. You can visit his Blog here:

Pastor Barnhart also has a second Blog where he will be listing all the churches withdrawing, or voting to withdraw from the ELCA. The list of churches voting to leave the ELCA will no longer be published in the newsletter. An up to date list is available upon request, or at this blog page:

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Recommended  Reading
HERE is a list of good books for you to consider
Pastor Barnhart has completed his calling of assisting the Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Canal Winchester, Ohio and has now completed his calling as  Interim Pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church in Newark, Ohio as well. He is currently working full time on this ministry.

























































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